Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 London FAQ

FAQ about Kundalini Awakening Training2022-02-01T22:34:19+00:00
I am postponing one module until next year. Can I still take the exam this year?2014-08-04T09:00:28+01:00

If you are postponing a single module until the following course year it may still be possible to take the exam as originally scheduled. This will depend on a number of factors and you will need to consult the course teachers for a definitive answer.

Do I get a discount if I pay the course fees in advance?2016-09-07T15:32:44+01:00

Yes, there are two levels of discount available. Click here for full details of the course including fees and discounts.

I can’t afford the whole course fee up front. Can I pay in instalments?2016-09-07T15:32:09+01:00

Yes, certainly – most people pay in instalments. Click here for full course details including the instalment payment schedules available.

This year’s course has already started. Can I still join?2014-02-08T09:07:10+00:00

Yes! It is not essential to take the modules in the order that they run on the course, so it is possible to join part-way through one year’s course and complete the modules you missed the following year.

I’m not very flexible. Do I need to be good at yoga?2014-02-08T09:03:05+00:00

Kundalini yoga is for everyone. Its aim is to enable the subtle energies that circulate through the body to flow freely, promoting health and well-being and allowing the true self to shine through.

I’m away for one of the course modules. Does this matter?2014-02-08T09:06:11+00:00

If you are unable to attend one or more of the modules in your course year, you can take that module during the following course year instead.

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