The journey of life… for many it simply means to travel from one event to the next, going from mood to mood in a never-ending string of changes. From pleasure to pain; from expectation to disenchantment and back again.

There is another way

There is a path to genuine happiness. It is demanding: we must build a Self that does not depend on what we like or dislike as our guiding compass. While we are born with an ego, a worldly personality and a soul, a spiritual personality, we do not have a Self. Awakening the True Self is about finding the door to true life, beyond the polarities of the ordinary world, where life can be rich and meaningful, regardless of circumstance.

Eveil de Soi takes place at the mother Ashram of Amrit Nam Sarovar in the French Alps, and the teacher team is Karta Singh, Har Nal Kaur, Ardas Kaur, Dev Atma Kaur and Sat Charan Kaur. The week offers a unique programme and a singular opportunity for a breakthrough. Many people have experienced the week as turning point in their lives. You can take your kids who can participate in the Children’s Camp that runs close by at the same time.

For the full programme and registration details visit the Amrit Nam Sarovar website.