Japa is a very powerful practice of kindling the inner fire. This spiritual heat will inspire you to live for truth and drop your negative habits.

The Brahm Kvach Japa Retreat takes place at the mother Ashram of Amrit Nam Sarovar in the French Alps. We dedicate our gathering around the fire to humanity as a whole. Our prayer is that in this time of transition people will find peace in their minds and the resolution to act for the best future possible. We will be practicing for 40 hours in a row in the presence of the havan. Please come and join the Ashram team in its effort to re-connect to the purpose of what we are building. You are most welcome even if you have no experience with yoga and meditation.

Very powerful. It gave me a lot of courage and I dropped a lot of fear. It helped me find my next step in my life.

For full details and to register visit the Amrit Nam Sarovar website.