With Sat Guru Kaur, Har Nal Kaur and Sat Charan Kaur

The theme of this transformative and liberating week is Healing the Wounded Woman. We will be using Kriya, Meditation and Pranayama specially designed to unblock traumatic childhood relationships with the mother, releasing the hurt and resentments which damage self-esteem and prevent us from having healthy relationships.

Dates: 18–23 August 2014
Venue: Le Martinet, France
Cost of 530 euros includes delicious vegetarian meals. Accommodation is in your own tent.

Confirm your registration by sending an email with name, address and date of birth to info@amritnam.com.

The retreat will consist of Sadhana, Yoga Sessions, walks in nature, vision quest, healing circles, dancing, bathing in the river and delicious food specially prepared to heal women. Sat Guru Kaur and Har Nal Kaur have a passion for delivering the women’s teachings to empower and uplift all females, using Somatic and Amanee techniques as an extra healing modality.

Sat Charan Kaur will be interweaving the women’s teachings with fascinating mythical stories on female power, which is her absolute passion and delight, making the theme of the workshop really come to life with her magic touch.

“A woman is always made to feel unkind, and she’s supposed to be convinced that she should be kind, so she can be exploited. It is the mother instinct… what I´m saying is that you should be ahead of the circumstances, don’t follow the sequence. Concentrate, saturate, understand and learn it. You’re a woman in the beginning, you are a woman now, and you are going to be a woman in the end. Be so. And my prayer is, so be it.”