Course dates for the 2014–2015 London-based Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training have now been scheduled, with the first weekend module taking place on the weekend of 1–2 November 2014. The full schedule is as follows:




1st weekend The Dynamics of Kundalini Yoga 1–2 Nov 2014
2nd weekend Oriental Physiology 6–7 Dec 2014
3rd weekend Posture Training & Teaching Class Practicum 10–11 Jan 2015
One-day event White Tantric Yoga 17 Jan 2015
4th weekend Meditation 7–8 Mar 2015
5th weekend Karma and Health 17–20 Apr 2015
6th weekend The Spiritual Path, Guru-Chela and Initiation 9–10 May 2015
Optional event Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival, Dorset Date tbc
Week in the French Alps Practical experience of the Yoga of Awareness. The week starts at 7.00pm on Saturday and finishes after Sadhana the following Sunday 4–12 July 2015
Exam Written exam, usually takes place in October Autumn date tbc

The Level 1 teacher training programme is for everyone who has been touched in some way by kundalini yoga, whether you would like to become a certified teacher and formally teach, or simply wish to deepen your personal experience of kundalini yoga.

Click here to download the Level 1 Teacher Training 2014–15 info pack.