KundaliniYOGA Healing workshop with Har Nal

KundaliniYOGA Healing workshop with Har Nal


12 May 2019 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Essex Church Chapel

112 Palace Gardens Terrace, Kensington, London W8 4RT

Raise your frequency and approach life from the HEART

A class to set you up for the week.

“The Mystery dear One, is the Mystery.  There is no way forward, no direction”

– Do you surrender to the flow of your own creation or Resist  –


Not to be Missed!  This is the last class from Har Nal till October

If you are thinking of trying Kundalini YOGA this is your chance.  Class for all levels.

Please bring your own mat and blanket

The energy consciousness we will connect to during this class

Some self-reflection  …….Maybe there is something in your life that you don’t like.  Its a message from your higher selves trying to tell you to change.
Allow the new to appear instead of complaining that something is not right.
Why keep trying to change something just because it is not for you.
How often do you want to change things because they irritate you, rather than just move on?
Try a different approach; working with the Universe
Why is it you don’t like the cereal, don’t appreciate the cereal,
maybe it’s you that needs to change?
Open up to a new experience that is waiting for you. Already created for you.
Try something new and today not tomorrow.
Tomorrow is to late.
The moment is now when you feel it, allow the new in.
Just turn your head and see what is to the side.
It wont be far away. Your Soul has created it for you both to try; a new experience that is perfect for what you need to grow, in the direction for your highest potential.
to what attracts your eye, your attention from your innocent place, your innocent heart.
I love you dearly
Thank you
Blessings to you
We are grateful for all you do

How to Create your Life in a new way.