Why choose us?

At Amrit Nam Sarovar we are dedicated to serve the great awakening of humanity. Our training program and teachers are unique. Our courses deliver mindfulness, consciousness training and self-development.  We connect to the energy of today to awaken souls, so that people can receive the universal wisdom in the NOW. It’s the time for Humanity to resolve our past stories, traumas, dramas and illusions.

Our training teaches you through joy. We want you to experience how joyful the discovery of self is. The blissful moments are always there for you to take. The choice is yours”.

Our methodology is based on experiencing the teachings in your life and group consciousness. Therefore, to aid this our trainings are residential allowing you to fully immerse and confront yourself. The collective group energy is nurturing and supportive. You will make friends for life and you join a family of collective souls.   We also utilize the energy and consciousness of mother earth. Relearning how to reconnect to this amazing support.

We are honouring the original teachings, received from living Masters, Mouth to Ear. We went through 36 years of traditional transmission of the “Master’s Touch”. You can’t find our accessin books, but only through the delivery of qualified mentor-teachers.

Karta Singh, founding director of Amrit Nam Sarovar (ANS), first crossed paths with Yogi Bhajan in the mid-1970s and immediately recognised him as the teacher he had been looking for: not merely a man of intellect and applied philosophy, but a true spiritual master. Karta founded a global community on the principle of spirit and a common bond between all mankind. He made it his mission to help people realise their full human potential, and to this end pioneered the first ever Kundalini Yoga teacher trainings, creating programmes in France, Belgium, England, Russia, Austria and Switzerland.

Karta started building a space on his land at Le Martinet in the French Alps that could serve as a foundation for living the teachings. This is Amrit Nam Sarovar – a learning community, the largest Kundalini Yoga school in Europe, and a worldwide network of Kundalini Yoga practitioners.

Amrit Nam Sarovar  mission statement

We are an inspired community 

Dedicated to serve the great awakening of humanity

We welcome the transformation though experience with support and love 

So each one may discover and deliver their soul purpose

Together we manifest the new

  • Amrit Nam Sarovar’s motto is: To Teach To Learn To Serve. The school sees Level 1 as the starting point, where you are able to become a true student through teaching.
  • Amrit Nam Sarovar’s global network of centres is an expression of Yogi Bhajan’s concept that ‘there are no boundaries’.
  • The training allows you to gain a deep understanding and experience of what trust is within a group dynamic.
  • In the locally-based training modules you experience a small group dynamic, and then the residential summer week provides the experience on a larger scale.

Amrit Nam Sarovar invites its students to cultivate an attitude of permanent learning and to abandon what needs to be let go. Experience is the door to understanding; sharing is the path. Through a unique multi-level mentoring system students embark upon a learning process in which they will be tested, inspired and challenged by a vortex of traditional wisdom and teachings transferred through experience from teacher to student.

Life becomes yoga.